Bike Fitting


The bike fit is where it all started! At Love & Sprockets, we believe it is the most important component of your bike buying experience. Whether you are a recreational rider, a seasoned triathlete or a weekend warrior, it all starts with the fit.

We provide a variety of fitting services including:

Dynamic Bike Fit – $150

This fit is performed exclusively on an EXIT fit bike for quick and easy adjustments. This comprehensive fit includes a full evaluation of the rider, discussing goals, prior injuries and reasons for a fitting. Motion capture is used to optimize body positioning and accurate and objective bike solutions are discussed using stack and reach metrics. This fitting takes approximately 2 hours.

Static Bike Fit – $125

This fit starts with a basic evaluation of the rider concerning prior injuries, rider goals and reasons for the fitting. The fitting is performed on the rider’s bike. This fitting takes approximately 90 minutes.

Cleat and Aerobar Fittings – $20-$40

  • Proper cleat placement with any necessary shimming.
  • Aerobar fittings include any adjustments to pads, bars and cutting if needed.

​All fittings are very comprehensive.  Expect to work and definitely sweat! Bring your bike and any parts that might have come with it such as stems, spacers or risers. Wear comfortable clothes and a water bottle and towel are recommended.

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